Sue-Ellen films for Foxtel Auora chanel life through the lens series, has made Tv commercial for Rotary and is co creating her first documentary Karaoke Wars.

Sue-Ellen is a co author of the Inspiration Bible, speaker and coach, she has learnt from the some of the best Video Marketers in Australia.

She has a can do attitude, developed from her practical country upbringing including horse riding, welding and rigging. Life has had its low points also and she had to dig deep to overcome severe health issues in her early 20’s, and was the only one of 10 patients that made a full recovery.

She is far more than a videographer; she has a passion for creating engaging videos for online businesses. These businesses have a message to share that makes a difference and changes lives.

If you want someone who has a easy going calming influence, that directs you on camera and gets your business essence and your personality to radiate from the core of who you are.

Then Sue-Ellen is the one to hold your hand and support your dive deep and assist her clients to show up authentically on camera.

Sue-Ellen teaches people how to communicate their authentic video message with clarity, impact and influence. Assisting her clients to get more leads, customers and increase buying decisions using proven video marketing strategies.

You have less than 5 seconds to capture people attention on video, the best way to do that is with a proven marketing formula, the way you hold their attention is to be crystal clear with your message and finally the most important thing is to be yourself, naturally and connect deeply with your message.

Sue-Ellen’s speciality is in facilitating and coaching people on how to find their authentic video voice and radiate vibrantly the real you on camera.

Sue-Ellen will assist you in finding your authentic camera voice, before you get on video, it will strengthen your brand, build quality audiences and give you the confidence to step in front of the camera as if you were speaking to a friend over coffee.

Connection is the pathway to your business growth and Sue-Ellen is your key to unlock your own potential of untapped power, that will make you stand out on video and in your market place.