Allow me to be your InnerViewer

It has taken some years for me develop the InnerViewing experience and bring it to others.

Initially being the person behind the camera, I found myself drawn to the stories and people I was videoing. I now have my own team to manage the video and production work (or can work with yours), so I can fully focus on what I'm here to do - bring out your story and your essence in a way that you are happy to share with the world and which brings insight, connection and very often, the X-factor that would not have surfaced otherwise.

I'll let my client InnerViews speak for themselves.

This is the video where I InnerViewed Tim Ciasto who lives in Sweden.
Tim did all the filming and I InnerViewed him from Australia. He was having a natural conversation with me during the whole interview.
This "Why" video took a while to plan, due to storyboarding first to uncover the essence of the story, and then filmed by Tim in Sweden and InnerViewed by me in Australia.
Great outcome, I love this video.

From Meltdown to Understanding - An Aussie Dads Journey with Autism

This video was a collaboration short documentary style video.
It is high production and took 3 months from start to finish.
I am the second interviewer in this film, as well as co producer, audio and gaffer (lighting).
It shows the power of storytelling and how a big team production can make an impactful story.

Cross Cultural Video
I was the interviewer for this video. 
Interviewed 11 people in one day, 90% of them spoke english as a second language. 
It was important that each person felt heard and safe through out the filming.

Irresistible Impact Retreat 
Promotional Business Video
Filmed by Sue-Ellen, and edited by my editor.

You can see this video in context on the Sales Page for the Irresistible Impact Retreat

Please feel free to contact me so I can understand more about you and to see if I can help in bringing out your inner gifts to share with others.